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N95 Semi Auto Mask Making MachineN95 Semi Auto Mask Making MachineN95 Semi Auto Mask Making Machine

N95 Semi Auto Mask Making Machine

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N95 Semi Auto Mask Making Machine is a heavy duty industrial device having a rigid and robust structure which is fabricated with the help of best quality of engineered materials that gives higher tensile and impact strength to withstand the uneven forces generated during the working operation. It is very easy to operate due to a simple user interface which allows a semi-skilled to easily operate this equipment. The N95 Semi Auto Mask Making Machine is capable to make different sizes of face covers as per the international standards. Its approximate size is 4600 Length, 1200 width and 1800 in height, all the dimensions are in millimetre.

The system is equipped with precisely designed and highly sensitive electronic and pneumatic components which ensures high operating speed. It is capable to make face covers of size 240*120mm which can be customized by adjusting the working components. It is provided with a mechanical brake control unit which is responsible for the material feeding work and high performance motor for the operation like sealing of the nose wire, control embossing roller and to accurately position the raw materials for high quality manufacturing. Support machine such as edge sealing and ear loop welding units are also provided to give high end finish and to prevent any loose ends.



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